Dumpster Mate in Mad River, California

Dumpster Enclosures available in Mad River, CA

Dumpster Mates unique modular design can be installed most anywhere on your property without changing your dumpster location. Unlike a permanent enclosure structure, Dumpster Mate can be installed for easy access by the users knowing that it can be uninstalled and moved at any time

Dumpster Mate can be installed on concrete or asphalt pads easily 3 to 4 hours. Our experienced Mad River installers can install Dumpster Mate on your property in one day and even paint your steel dumpster to match.

Dumpster Mate - Call (877) 412-2493 - near Mad River, California

Improve the appearance and safety of your facility by installing a Dumpster Mate enclosure

No more rusty cans, with Dumpster Mate when you combine our enclosure with one of our matching plastic dumpsters.


Order your Dumpster Mate enclosure system directly from us or from your local waste provider in Mad River, California

You can order your new Dumpster Mate enclosure with our Rehrig Pacific dumpster and installation directly from this web site. You can also request a Dumpster Mate installation from your waste provider in Mad River, CA.

Select any color combination for your enclosure to match your building or to make a statement

Your new Dumpster Mate enclosure can be custom ordered in most any color scheme by providing us with the pantone color of your choice. Upgrade to stack stoned inserts to upscale your enclosure or match and existing building color scheme.

Dumpster Mate impedes unauthorized personnel from accessing your dumpster. Unauthorized waste is reduced by the presence of an enclosure and violators normally move on to the next open dumpster

Maintenance is a thing of the past with Dumpster Mate

Our enclosure is made from polyethylene and requires no maintenance. It is resistance to color fading and will look new for many years.

Dumpster Mate provides a platform to advertise your Mad River business

Advertise your company or products on one or more of Dumpster Mates side panels and put your enclosure to work for you

Dumpster Mate never needs repainting. Colors for Dumpster Mate are added during manufacturing and never need to be repainted or touched up

Easily relocated. Dumpster Mate can be unassembled and relocated as easily as it can be installed. This feature allows for company expansion or relocation to a new site

Roof option to keep unwanted rainwater out of the waste. Dumpster Mate will soon have a modular roof available for your Dumpster Mate enclosure that can be added as an option

Solar lights can be added as a option. Add optional solar lights for employee safety or to highlight product advertising on your enclosure

Dumpster Mate is the environmental solution to your dumpster enclosure need. Order yours today – delivered to you direct in Mad River, California.

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