Optional Rehrig Dumpster Containers


6 & 8 Yard Front Load Commercial Containers

Rehrig Pacific has once again used its experience and know-how to produce a range of large rotationally molded containers that stand-up to the use and abuse of commercial collection. Designed for quiet pick-up and disposal like the smaller sizes, these neighbor-friendly, plastic containers can allow drop-off and collection at times, and in noise-sensitive areas, often prohibited for metal containers.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight — 1/3 less weight than comparable metal containers causes less wear & tear on collection equipment
  • Fully enclosed pockets provide increased protection against sidewall punctures by fork tines
  • Optional polyethylene (PE) pocket sleeves with integrated bumpers increase sidewall protection promote noise reduction and provide protection for front panels against repeated impacts
  • Fiberglass hinge rods are supported and protected over their entire length providing longer life and smooth operation
  • Molded beams and bottom skids provide support and stepped sidewalls provide stiffness to avoid sagging and bowing
  • Molded-in rings speed skid plate installation without bolts perforating the container bottom

Durable & Sustainable

  • Container bodies are molded using high-impact, UV stabilized, 100% recyclable, PE resin that won’t rust or develop pin hole leaks
  • Dent resistant and repairable PE resin cleans easily and graffiti can be wiped off using standard cleaners
  • Heavily reinforced top rim adds strength where it’s needed most
  • Selection of standard and custom colors that won’t fade and never need painting

Added Features

  • Smooth areas on front for branding graphics or fixing labels
  • Recessed lid-grip area on top rim
  • Self-centering nesting stops
  • Rugged, double-wall, crowned lids
  • Easy mounting bottom skids standard


  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional colors if color match required.
  • Drain plugs
  • Lock bar, with or without gravity lock
  • Lockable casters
  • Easy mounting bottom skids
  • In-mold labels for company logos and slogans

6yd_1-13-12 8-yard final8yd with cbcutout

2, 3 & 4 Yard Front Load Commercial Containers

Setting new standards for manufacturing integrity, Rehrig’s all-plastic, front load Commercial Containers feature integrally molded-in pockets and hinge supports and are designed with added strength where it is needed most. For instance, replaceable, patent pending, pocket sleeves supply extra sidewall thickness and protection against puncturing by fork tines. Rehrig’s truly innovative design embodies real strength, durability and quiet operation allowing neighbor-friendly drop-offs and collection in noise-sensitive areas.

3yd2yd 4yd



  • Lightweight – 1/3 less weight than comparable metal containers
  • Maneuvers easily, with less effort and noise
  • Quiet pick-up and disposal
  • High-Impact UV stabilized polyethylene resin won’t rust or corrode like metal
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable material
  • Dent resistant and simple to repair
  • Cleans easily, graffiti can be wiped off with standard cleaners
  • Colors won’t fade, never needs painting
  • Integrally molded pockets and hinge supports
  • Replaceable pocket sleeves provide added sidewall thickness and protection against fork tines
  • Sleeve bumpers shield front panels from repeated impacts
  • Heavily reinforced top rim preserves container shape and integrity
  • Stepped sidewalls resist bowing
  • Beamed bottom provides stiffness to avoid sagging
  • Molded-in nest stops guide stacking and ease de-nesting stacked containers
  • Durable, double wall, crowned lid stays rigid and won’t sag or collect water
  • Recessed lid-grip area on top rim allows protected access to lid for easy lifting
  • Fiberglass hinge rods supply smooth, quiet lid operation
  • Compatible with most common after-market replacement lids
  • Molded-in caster rings speed caster plate installation without bolts perforating the container
  • 6″ polyolefin wheels standard
  • Casters install quickly and easily in the field, using only one bolt each
  • Choice of fixed or swivel casters
  • Smooth logo areas on front for placing stickers and graphics
  • Eight (8) standard container colors
  • Custom colors available


  • Complete range of optional colors if color match required.
  • In-mold labels for intricate company logos and slogans
  • Drain plugs
  • Lock bar
  • Lock bar with gravity lock
  • Lockable casters
  • Heavy duty 6″ polyurethane wheels
  • Easy mounting bottom skids